Dreamy Photos in the Snow

I have been dying to take pictures in the snow for some time. This only teased my appetite. Anyone want photos in the snow??? Come on you know you do! Just think of all the things we could dream up! Okay so it was a snow day and I told my daughter that I wanted to take some photos of her in the snow and she wasn’t interested until I bribed her.  This was about 20mins of photo taking before someone was done! It was well worth it I’d say!SONY DSC



Poor girl has inherited my serious face. Everyone is going to be asking her if she is mad or sad for the rest of her life Lol.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

I love that the snow flakes in front of her are in focus and she is a little out of focus, I just wish there were a few more snow flakes.SONY DSC

Thanks for stopping by! Get out and enjoy the snow if it’s around 🙂

How would %15 off sound to anyone (who isn’t already scheduled) willing to do a snow photo session, I promise you’ll love the results! E-mail me…paynelessphoto@gmail.com