Modern Glamour Shoot ~ Jenae

I don’t think there is a woman alive that has ever NOT doubted she is beautiful. Or worse yet those who have never felt beautiful. One of the greatest joys of what I do is SHOW women that they are beautiful, not matter your age, weight, wrinkles etc I CAN take stunning photos of YOU. The sad part is most women don’t see the value in getting a portrait session for themselves or want to wait until this or that has changed. Chances are it’s not going to change, you are perfect as you are, let me show you that. I mean come on, do you really want the only photos you have of yourself to be in random snapshots? Now I’m not saying you should do a yearly portrait session for  yourself every year (unless you want to) how about every 5-10 years?! Get your family portraits done every 2-3 years, but why not get a session with just you, or just you and the hubs?  Asking the photog to snap a picture of you while at your family photo session is NOT going to be the same thing as a photo session where the focus is just you, it’s just not.




“I’m not gonna lie, I was incredibly nervous for this photo shoot.  I even thought about calling it off once or twice. I have never felt photogenic in my life.  In family pictures I can always hide behind my adorable kids but this was just me.  No where to run no where to hide.  However DeAnn made me feel beautiful.  Like a model really.  As soon as I saw the pictures I was shocked at how beautiful I looked.  My husband loved them too.  It was totally worth all the stress because in the end I knew I was beautiful and no one could tell me any different.” – Jenae


Jenae wanted the pictures for her husbands Christmas gift.  Oh, and he LOVED them! In fact he said “this is the best Christmas gift I have ever received.” He has pictures of her, on his night stand, at work. Seriously, what husband wouldn’t want stunning pictures of his wife or girl friend?! SONY DSC

Jenae’s before picture. It’s always fun to do a before pic, she looks lovely here, and now you see her before, hair, make-up, and styling.SONY DSC SONY DSC


Thank You Jenae for choosing me to take your portraits. It’s always an honor to be asked to take someones photos.

By paynelessphoto

Photography to me is about capturing people as their best selves. Having a consult and finding out what matters to them. Is there a dream there to fulfill or is the dream to simply look beautiful in photos. Helping people capture those ever evolving relationships that matter so much to them. Showing those loving ties, personalities, emotion, beauty, connection. I want people to be excited when they see their photos, like through the roof excited because they are finally "seeing" what they really look like...amazing and beautiful. During the shoot people have repeatedly told me how comfortable they felt, no worries about weight etc crept in. They had fun, and enjoyed themselves. Part of why they feel at ease because I tell them what they need to do to look stunning every step of the way. A models job is to work their body, that's what they do, the other 90% of us have no idea how to do that, that's what I am here for. Beyond that, being photographed by me is a real meaningful boost to ones self-esteem. You will walk away feeling better about yourself, inside and out. It just happens that way.

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