I bought little miss two new spring dresses and she was so excited to try them on and even wanted me to take photos of her. She got dressed I did her hair and out the door we went…

On a side note she had just eaten some candy that made her lips green and scrubbed her lips to get them clean so her lips are really pink.



She started telling me she was cold after being outside for 2 seconds Lol. So I had about 15mins to snap some shots before she was DONE.

One of the chickens got out and it’s lucky we were out there to find her. In my experience chickens are actually the ones with 9 lives not cats!SONY DSC    SONY DSC

My daughter has a very expressive face, well both my kids do actually. Though poor dear has inherited my look of seriousness if she isn’t smiling, she will be asked her whole life things like “are you okay, you look sad?”  Though she really is a goof and is usually smiling and silly. The cold was really bringing out the seriousness, which just makes her look like she is lost in the woods.SONY DSC


I kinda think she looks like royalty in the above pic, so prim and proper looking and she looks like she could command a room.SONY DSC  SONY DSC


I LOVE light, low light, noon day light, stormy light, light is my paintbrush. Oh the beautiful pictures we could make together. I hope you don’t put off getting your pictures taken, set a date and make it happen! If you don’t feel like you have the money to spend on a session I would recommend that to save for a few months prior to your session, set the photo session date a few months out, but that way it’s scheduled and you have the incentive to save.


I bid you adieu

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