San Pedro Mountains ~ Lydia

I have been faithful about taking Baby Cakes photos every month, pat myself on the back for that, yeah me for doing something consistently! This month is the big 7! I should share all the other months too. I take lots of photos, but posting every session I do isn’t going to happen.                                                                                                                                 Me and my husband built this tepee, and be me, I mean me telling him where I wanted it. I did gather most of the branches, that was my contribution to this little tepee that has been in our yard for over a year now. Though the kids say it’s too small I find it super great for a prop/backdrop. I knew it was nap time, but the mood struck and sometimes you just gotta roll with it and throw caution to the wind! I live on the edge! I gathered up some stuff around the house that I thought would go together and dressed baby cakes and we went outside for her 7 month pictures on a wing and a prayer. I had made this little head piece for I don’t even remember what and never used it. I have also used this red knit blanket in more sessions and it’s not even what I bought it for, I need to get some more like it!SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC   SONY DSC  Not sure what is going on with her and her lips, but it was cracking me up!  SONY DSC Bow to me!

SONY DSC  SONY DSC  SONY DSC  SONY DSC   SONY DSC  SONY DSC  SONY DSC  SONY DSC  SONY DSC     SONY DSC SONY DSC    SONY DSC  Babies are quite expressive and anytime I find myself looking through a baby session I find myself wanting to narrate them, do you? Anything good come to mind???SONY DSC  SONY DSC   SONY DSC  SONY DSC  SONY DSC SONY DSC   SONY DSC   How funny is this?! It came out of no where too! My husband of course thought it was pure awesomeness!SONY DSC  SONY DSC  SONY DSC  SONY DSC   SONY DSC Baby L which one-1 I could hang any of the 3 up in my home, but which one do you like most? But I sure do have a thing for an ‘old timey’ feel.

Happy trails!


By paynelessphoto

Photography to me is about capturing people as their best selves. Having a consult and finding out what matters to them. Is there a dream there to fulfill or is the dream to simply look beautiful in photos. Helping people capture those ever evolving relationships that matter so much to them. Showing those loving ties, personalities, emotion, beauty, connection. I want people to be excited when they see their photos, like through the roof excited because they are finally "seeing" what they really look like...amazing and beautiful. During the shoot people have repeatedly told me how comfortable they felt, no worries about weight etc crept in. They had fun, and enjoyed themselves. Part of why they feel at ease because I tell them what they need to do to look stunning every step of the way. A models job is to work their body, that's what they do, the other 90% of us have no idea how to do that, that's what I am here for. Beyond that, being photographed by me is a real meaningful boost to ones self-esteem. You will walk away feeling better about yourself, inside and out. It just happens that way.

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