Payneless Photograhy

Madrid New Mexico ~ Josh ~ Senior Photos

The year was 1987 I was about 4 years old and his mom was about 8 years old, we were neighbors in Gallup. Her house was like nothing my 4 year old eyes had ever seen; butterfly collections, art and lots of wooden tribal things from their living in Papua New Guinea. I bet if I walked back into that house today just as it was it would be neat-o to my 32 year old eyes too. Now were both all grown up with kids of our own. I was laughing on the phone with his mom while were doing their print order saying “if you had told us years ago that when we got older I’d take your sons high school senior pictures we’d of thought you were loco!” Fast forward 28 years and bam here we are! This family is awesome, and I have enjoyed so much taking their photos over the past few years. It was a great time taking this guys photos in Madrid New Mexico I’m glad they were up for meeting early since this place gets really busy later in the day.

I <3 the Tario family.


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