Month: January 2016

Downtown Albuquerque ~ Harvey Family

Most of this lovely family is from out of state. I did the consultation with Susan the matriarch of this stunning group over the phone. I also worked with her DIL who lived here at the time, they moved like 2 days after this session to Michigan. Anyhow it was fun working with Heidi to come up with a location for their mini session. … Read More Downtown Albuquerque ~ Harvey Family


San Pedro Mountains ~ Zaya

Me “Hey, babe I took some pictures of Zaya today, come take a look. “Babe “That looks all Game of Thrones!”  Me “We don’t watch Game of Thrones!!!  “Babe ” We’ll it looks all mid evil.”  Me “So you don’t like them?”  Babe ” I don’t have to love everything you do.”  Me “yeah, but you can still tell if they are good or … Read More San Pedro Mountains ~ Zaya

Lordsburg ~ Fry Girls

This clip comes to mind when I think of “AlassKa!” and I also wonder if all towns in Alaska have one guy who has 10 jobs including entertainer, wink harharhar!? This beauty was 3 when me and my hubs got married. The first thing the chill and beautimous Abi (14) asked us like 20 minutes after we said our I do’s, of course put … Read More Lordsburg ~ Fry Girls