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San Pedro Mountains ~ Zaya

Me “Hey, babe I took some pictures of Zaya today, come take a look. “Babe “That looks all Game of Thrones!”  Me “We don’t watch Game of Thrones!!!  “Babe ” We’ll it looks all mid evil.”  Me “So you don’t like them?”  Babe ” I don’t have to love everything you do.”  Me “yeah, but you can still tell if they are good or not.”  Such a funny conversation, I had to share. Usually when I show pictures to him we battle over the word “fine” Lol. Oh the difference between men and women and word usage. I had made this crown a while back with the intention to use on my littlest, but it hasn’t happened yet. We were coming home from school and it was snowing so I told Zaya “let me take some pictures of you, you can have an extra 10mins on your Kindle!” Shameless I know, but it works, this kid hates cold. Of course, by the time we got outside it stopped snowing. The past few years I have really come to love taking pictures in the snow for obvious reasons, I hope.

Only 2% of people in the world have green eyes, a fact she loves.

Being a mid evil queen is exhausting, oh the headaches…

If we had more time I would have had her change her dress and tweaked a few things, but if we went back inside she wouldn’t have come back out. So grateful for this beautiful daughter of mine she brings me so much joy.

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