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Cochiti Lake ~ Emilee

I am so glad I did maternity photos with DeAnn. I never thought I could feel beautiful at 8 plus months pregnant! I think every pregnant woman should have a glam maternity shoot. DeAnn is so wonderful to work with and puts you at ease. She’s so talented and will turn any shot into art. She loves what she does at it shows through her work. Not only did I receive amazing photos, I gained a wonderful memory and a great friendship.

Yeah, I just started this with a her testimonial, it’s important for you to hear from those I photograph. Photograph your life, have it made into art. Sometimes we don’t realize just how important until we do it or until the moments are gone forever. How many people don’t get their maternity photos done because they think _________ < insert self depreciating thought here and then regret it?! I do, A LOT! I’ll never be pregnant again, and I really wish I had just gotten over myself and gotten them done. Those moments are forever gone. Okay, Were not here to talk about regrets we are here to admire this beauty. She is just one of those people that is so easy to get a long with. She is warm, upbeat, and fun. We had an adventure, you’ll have to ask one of us about it 😉  it was a blast. Veronica the HUMA I work with is amazing! We all went out to dinner at the Plaza Cafe in Santa Fe afterwards, I highly recommend going out after your session. You gotta after you get all glammed up and you’re feeling like a million bucks(I’m so cliche 😉 but it’s true! You’ll be like “dang I’m hot!!! I feel like a million bucks!”

Emilee you’re the best, let’s hang out, a lot <3

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