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Making photographs of my kids is the hardest. Especially when they are all together. All they want to do is ignore me. I played the “it’s my birthday” card so please let me make pictures of you, purty please! They make me work for every bit of it Lol! Little turkeys! For my birthday I told my husband I wanted to go exploring and I wanted to make photographs of our kids. He came home Friday night with stuff to make sub sammies and breakfast burritos. Saturday morning we left the house at 7am. Off we went cruising towards Estancia. I asked where we were going and he told me the Estancia Valley Homesteading Festival. Sounds amazing right?! Well he had me going, but I was like “uh, I think I would have heard of it!” I help organize the Self-Reliance Fair in Edgewood so I’ve got my feelers out. He even went so far as to say to look it up online, and when I didn’t find anything he finally confessed that he was teasing me! He’s a good storyteller, he can weave some tales. And that is what he did for 3.5 hours on our way to White Sands every time I asked him where we were going. This was just a stop along the way the 3 Rivers Petroplyphs outside of Carizozo. I will do another post with our pictures from White Sands…GORGEOUS! Man I love day trips, they aren’t like a full on vacation which has it’s pros and cons, but I LOVE getting away and just forgetting about everything expect for my most cherished loved ones and the beauty in front of me. I can forget about EVERYTHING else and just be present. Long vacations are great, but the older I get the more I need a vacation to recoup from my vacation. The brain just doesn’t want to jump back in, and that first day after getting back is bleh. This doesn’t’ happen with a day trip or weekend trip. Any who, it was a perfect birthday. There was minimal grumpiness, and lots of laughs, and good memories made, and I got to make photos of my little loves, my kids even took my camera a few times on the trip and got pictures of me, I do exist ha ha!

Thanks babe, I needed this.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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