Cerrillos ~ Stylized Elopement

Big weddings aren’t my jam. Getting to find a beautiful, meaningful location for a client and photograph a small group, no more then 20 people is my jam. Elopements are becoming bigger every day and I want to put myself out there and say that I am doing them! I asked for a model and was able to work with Erin and Dave. I am grateful for their willingness to work with my desired theme of southwestern.

I suggested the dress which I found on Amazon. I wanted a squash blossom and she either had one already or got one for this shoot, either way, she got it at boot barn. I made the bokeh from flowers in my yard and bought the velvet at JoAnn’s, I wanted the colors of the NM flag. I also made the boutonniere from Chamisa and a yucca pod. I made the floral grown from Chamisa and purple asters. She also bought stuff for her fiance, the suspenders, and booties.

Makeup and hair were done by Stormie Steen.


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Cerrillos ~ The M Family

How can one family be so perfect?! I know they would be modest and tell me all the reasons they aren’t but whateva this family rocks.  They have such a calm, loving vibe. It was truly a joy to make photographs for this family. All the feels M family, ALL the feels in the whole whorld! Channeling a little Nacho there :)-

This mama wanted a strong New Mexico vibe and color so thanks Cerrillos for providing it all.


1DSC_4817 You just never know what will happen when you give directions and I LOVE it! Could there be a happier Mom face haha!?1DSC_48091DSC_46251DSC_45651DSC_46541DSC_46451DSC_47101DSC_47431DSC_47621DSC_43661bDSC_40581DSC_48581DSC_4566  Thanks for taking a look. I hope things are gearing up for a most wonderful Christmas lovely friends.  I hope you are finding joy in your life just like this little man is. A perfect note to end this post on.

Sandia Crest ~ Firth Family

What do you say about a family that you have seen grow so much over the last year? Going from no kids to preggers to becoming parents of the cutest little babe.  They clearly love each other and having a child together seems to have only strengthened it further. I love seeing how couples compliment each other in traits. Emilee is one of the most laid back and optimistic people I have ever met. I admire Jason’s upbringing on a farm and it’s clear he continues to work hard and make things happen. Their sweet girl is so blessed to have them as her parents. Families can be together forever and stuff you know?…It’s beautiful.

1DSC_38241DSC_37711DSC_36771DSC_36921DSC_38771DSC_35651DSC_37091DSC_39451DSC_37521DSC_36651DSC_35361DSC_34941DSC_36941bDSC_35641DSC_35591DSC_37261DSC_36951DSC_37691DSC_37991DSC_39791DSC_39801DSC_38251DSC_37421DSC_34951DSC_39601DSC_34881bDSC_38261DSC_39511bDSC_369211DSC_3817 Ending on a perfect note…

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