Big weddings aren’t my jam. Getting to find a beautiful, meaningful location for a client and photograph a small group, no more then 20 people is my jam. Elopements are becoming bigger every day and I want to put myself out there and say that I am doing them! I asked for a model and was able to work with Erin and Dave. I am grateful for their willingness to work with my desired theme of southwestern.

I suggested the dress which I found on Amazon. I wanted a squash blossom and she either had one already or got one for this shoot, either way, she got it at boot barn. I made the bokeh from flowers in my yard and bought the velvet at JoAnn’s, I wanted the colors of the NM flag. I also made the boutonniere from Chamisa and a yucca pod. I made the floral grown from Chamisa and purple asters. She also bought stuff for her fiance, the suspenders, and booties.

Makeup and hair were done by Stormie Steen.


Thanks for stopping by lovely humans!

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