About DeAnn

For inquiries about commissioning artwork contact DeAnn (505)604-1342

Photo by my dear friend Cassie Stuart.1DSC_3306

Growing up my parents took us on lots of adventures the vast majority weren’t out of the state. As we drove to whatever adventure was calling us I would sit and gaze out the window. I was perfectly content to listen to whatever music my dad had on and enjoy the scenery unfolding before me. It was a perfect scenario for daydreaming too. As a kid, I also loved dressing myself and others up. I started taking photos of whoever would let me dress them up when I was 10 or so. I never quit making photos. I still love New Mexico now more than ever and I still love to help people look and feel their best.

Now I am a wife and mom of 3 living in the mountains right in between Albuquerque and Santa Fe with our 2 big doggies and chickens. I LOVE adventuring with my family all over this great state. Seeing something new and discovering some new jewel to shoot at is a thrill that will never ever get old, I might, but it won’t.

I love meeting new people and finding out their stories and what makes them tick. Meeting new people and talking to someone I have never met doesn’t scare me, it’s quite the opposite.  I love trying new things. I love pushing myself to improve. The one constant “thing” has been photography since before I even put a name to it or realized I loved it, it just happened so naturally. I have tried my hand at lots of things and enjoyed most, but can’t put photography down like I have others. It is a part of me so much so that it can never be separate from me.

I love PRETTY in all its forms and variety. I see it everywhere and in everyone.  I love to create and come up with ideas. I want to live in a way that I can let the light of Christ shine through me, me, in all my individuality and quirks. I want to be a force for good, in a world that is starving for love. We are all from the same human family and I want to just love everyone in their own quirky awesomeness.  I want to let people be themselves, love on their family, and then see the beauty that I do. It brings me great joy to do this, to create art from YOUR life. Now go out and LIVE.

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