Santa Fe Mountains ~ Eppich Family

  This family! This mama would do anything for any of her crew.  She is confident, and I adored her from the moment we started talking. She empowers her children. I saw a real family, a family not worried about pretending to be something in front of me or put on a show. I loved […]

Sand Bluffs ~ Graduating Class

This beautiful group is graduating from UNM in Dental Hygiene in May. Uh, I may have talked them onto the side of a cliff. Me and my HUMA/assistant Veronica went and scouted out two locations for group photos. I needed something in the shade sense it was like 1:30 when I started photographing this group […]

Jemez ~ McMurtrey Family

This family was so relaxed and easy going. They really are just a great family and it’s so abundantly clear how much they love each other. We had so much fun. She even told me her husband said something later to her about how it didn’t feel like they were getting there pictures taken. Success!!! […]