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Jemez ~ Christensen Family

This family ❤ We had a splendid time in the Jemez by the river making some memories that will last forever. Their oldest is about ready to leave the nest in a few months what better time to capture your family all together. They are an easy going group that loves to be together. I love how they got into throwing rocks in the … Read More Jemez ~ Christensen Family


3 Rivers ~ My Loves

Making photographs of my kids is the hardest. Especially when they are all together. All they want to do is ignore me. I played the “it’s my birthday” card so please let me make pictures of you, purty please! They make me work for every bit of it Lol! Little turkeys! For my birthday I told my husband I wanted to go exploring and … Read More 3 Rivers ~ My Loves


Sand Bluffs ~ Young’s

I’m glad I am in the business of making photographs and not putting words together. My words seem to be failing me lately. It’s a good thing a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve actually said like 30 thousand words!!! Ha take that writers block or whatever you want to call my inability to string words together to make anything good sounding. … Read More Sand Bluffs ~ Young’s