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Jemez ~ Christensen Family

This family ❤ We had a splendid time in the Jemez by the river making some memories that will last forever. Their oldest is about ready to leave the nest in a few months what better time to capture your family all together. They are an easy going group that loves to be together. I love how they got into throwing rocks in the … Read More Jemez ~ Christensen Family


Jemez ~ McMurtrey Family

This family was so relaxed and easy going. They really are just a great family and it’s so abundantly clear how much they love each other. We had so much fun. She even told me her husband said something later to her about how it didn’t feel like they were getting there pictures taken. Success!!! That’s what I want! I want people to have … Read More Jemez ~ McMurtrey Family


Jemez ~ Lauryn’s Senior Session

Lauryn, your smile lights up the world period. boom done. Well there is a lot more to you, your one talented beauty forsure. You have an awesome family taboot. Can someones life be any awesomer?! Oh the places she’s gonna go! I enjoyed working with you and your fun mom. I love seeing the love she has for you and all her kids. Families … Read More Jemez ~ Lauryn’s Senior Session