Jemez ~ McMurtrey Family

This family was so relaxed and easy going. They really are just a great family and it’s so abundantly clear how much they love each other. We had so much fun. She even told me her husband said something later to her about how it didn’t feel like they were getting there pictures taken. Success!!! […]

Wild Flowers ~ Olivas Baby

  What a little angel, the older my kids get the more I appreciate new borns. They are perfectly innocent and pure. I have had the pleasure of photographing this family and some of their extended family and they are all wonderful. Good looks, and big hearts run in their genes. I <3 this session […]

Madrid New Mexico ~ Josh ~ Senior Photos

The year was 1987 I was about 4 years old and his mom was about 8 years old, we were neighbors in Gallup. Her house was like nothing my 4 year old eyes had ever seen; butterfly collections, art and lots of wooden tribal things from their living in Papua New Guinea. I bet if […]