You deserve to remember your life and your life deserves to be remembered.​

I see beauty in the world around us, in every moment. My photography encompasses all the goodness, quirkiness, and individuality that is you. I aspire to live in a way that I can let the light of Christ shine through me.


The photos we make together will become your favorites. It will be the easiest session ever because you’ll be creating real moments that you get to keep forever. 

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Wonder and awe. If you've lost it there's always a way to find it. I'm always in awe of nature and God. What brings you awe?

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I can't believe the wildfires this year. Do you guys know anyone affected by them? My heart goes out to them. I know there are and will be even more opportunities to help those affected by them. If you know of ways to help drop it in the comments.
I have a friend that's well connected in Vegas arwa and she said there will be many chances to help soon.

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I'm a firm believer in questions. Not just any questions but asking the right questions. I have a knack for Helping people figure out what they want.

This traight comes in handy when helping my amazing people figure out what matters most to them for their sessions and getting rid of anything that doesn't.

Who else loves questions? Refinement doesn't happen without them.

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He's started music lessons at the @thevillageguitarist in Cedar Crest. The owners are genuinely good honest hardworking people! Russels teacher Adam is amazing at helping to instill confidence. Highly recommend!

I really enjoyed doing music portraits for students there. It's so fun to see kids and teens light up with their instruments.

Ps they sell music equipment too if you're in the market.

Do you play any instruments? I can play piano and cello ok. Are your kids in lessons?

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I've been in a bit of a funk the past 2 days. They are always annoying right?! Ugh. What I realized again last night is that it really is the small and simple things, that if you keep doing get you through. What small things get you through?
Today, I knew my water intake hasn't been awesome the last week or so for some reason so I'm doing that small thing today. Small things will get me back on track.
Always, scripture and prayer in the morning.
Now, I'm going to go plant some plants before they blow into Colorado.
Later, editing, and more shooting.

My website is officially revamped!!! I'd super duper love for you to check it out. I know I'm more excited about it than anyone but I'd love to have you share in my excitement. 💜 What do you like most about it? Or how would you describe its vibe?

Thanks Jamie for being so patient with me. I know what I want and you said you liked that and I hope you still do haha! You are AMAZING 👏
If you need a website and so much more see @emviovirtualsolutions

Things don't go as planned. Life is beautiful and crazy and I wanted to talk about my new website that I am sooo EXCITED about but I don't have time now because I need to pack up for a shoot and so I will just leave it at this perfect moment. THIS. This moment that was a brief moment but is now a lasting memory. This cutie will not stay like this very long at all. ...

One of my fave couples and now dear friends. They hired me for their wedding photos and now I've photographed their baby announcement, maternity, family and new born photos. These friendships mean the world to me. Being trusted to capture your lives, is everything! ...

I have 2 spots for sessions left in May! Let's go explore, play and have FUN!!! ...

I have been doing photography for a loooong time! I still get butterflies in my stomach from it because I love it so. I have a lot of experience and a whole lotta love for it. You matter to me. Your story. Your love. Your expression. I can help you have photos that you love. ...

How did this shot come about?

I have been taking my older two with me to weddings and shoots since Zaya was 8 or 9, she's 15 now.

She's never had her own camera before and this time I gave her my old camera and put it in shutter priority and away she went. We had so much fun together!

This shot came about because she wanted to see the twirl factor of the dress and I knew it'd be better if the bride lifted up the dress on one side while she twirled so you could see her cool boots and all the layers. It was a collaborative effort.

We went through her photos together and I gave her tips and pointers and she came out with some top quality shots I'm proud to give the couple. I'd love for my kids to enjoy photography too and I think she has a future in it if she wants it. I love you @payne.zaya

This has been the season of senior boys. It's been so fun! Here are some other things going on...

I haven't been around Insta much lately for several reasons, but one of them is that I have been working hard on my website revamp and I am SOOO excited! Working with a website designer for the first time and it's amazing!

Now that Zaya is driving it's a whole new world! She took her sibs with her to voice lessons and then over to families house where we'll have Easter dinner tonight. While I get to stay home and work on getting some stuff ready for an upcoming event.

You wanted to know all that right?! 😂 Now you gotta tell me something that's going on in your life!

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