Hello Friends!

My why –  First thing you should know about me is I am all about the fun! I know there is lots of meaningful talk on my site, but it’s for a reason.  I don’t mess around when it comes to setting us up for fun. I feel deeply but I also love to have fun. If this is you too, our hearts will connect  and we will have a great session. I have been a photographer for a long time and am constantly trying to learn and grow so that I can do the best for both of us. I really LOVE what I do. When you enjoy your session with me by not being stressed but feeling like you can let go and be yourself, whatever that looks like, is what I’m about. You will feel seen. If you want to look at the camera the whole time and want fast food photography, I am not your girl. No judgment here, fast food is here to stay and has it’s place but this isn’t where you’ll find fast food style photography.  When people see my site and my photos and think ‘I want to be friends’, then it all flows and the pictures take care of themselves. That is what I’m all about; the whole experience.


Some things I love

The land! When I was little we went to my great grandpas ranch often and it had a huge impact on me. Being chased by geese, jumping of the barn into hay, picking cherries, creating music video’s with my cousins and sister. It fed my imagination. I’d beg my cousin to go outside when all she wanted to do was stay inside and watch TV.  I guess if I can’t have a farm then photographing people who do or love the land in anyway is where my heart feels drawn to. 

Old timey/nostalgia scenes and things! My favorite movie is “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” . My husband and I quote it all the time! I am sentimental and old timey pulls at my heart and inspires me, from old buildings, old cars, antique furniture, photos; they all have a history and story and I feel drawn to it all in a deep soulful way.

Music! I very much enjoy indie folk music! Some of my favorite bands are Civil Wars,  the Sweeplings, and Lower Lights too. I’m eclectic in my tastes though. I grew up listening to classic rock, Johnny Cash, and my sister…who constantly listened to her music whether I liked it or not! My daughter has that quality too haha, she listens to music all the time! I attribute my eclecticness to spending tons of time while growing up in my uncle’s second hand store in Gallup. It was there I found many treasures in both old things and interesting people.

Oh the stories I could tell you!


I’m an honest, deep thinking, and deep feeling person, but I balance it out with a healthy appetite for tom-foolery and fun! I am patient and easy going in my sessions, and that chill vibe and emotional depth translates through the lens, improving how my photo sessions and photos turn out. It’s about the whole experience. 
Authenticity is important to me! Ain’t’ no one got time for fake and contrived. Let’s be real, let’s be vulnerable (I’m not talking crying on Oprah’s couch unless that’s truly you). Let’s just have fun living life; no pressure to perform!
I’m a huge believer in 16 personalities and am 60% extroverted and 40% introverted. I need both solitude and quiet and gathering and music.
I’m an idea person, a dreamer and doer. Intention and purpose are two of my favorite words and I try to live every bit of my life with both. 

Faith and Family! I believe in a loving Heavenly Father that is invested in our happiness. Daily prayer and scripture study are daily necessities that keep me grounded and focused and on the right path. I just love Jesus, knowing Him is life’s greatest joy. Family is central to our happiness and I love documenting my family’s life and yours.

The Place I Call Home I live in the mountains equal distances to Abq and Santa Fe. I love exploring this beautiful state with my hubs and 3 kids. Being outdoors is my happy place and if I have a camera or a plant in hand then I am in heaven. In the spring you’ll find me outside every moment I can, planning, planting, and tending to my garden of, veggies, herbs and flowers.

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