I know this is a special occasion marking a big milestone in your life. I’m here to help you shine! This is an opportunity to help you feel alive and show off, however you want to do that. I also know that this is a time where you may feel awkward and worry about how you are going to look. Or, if the photographer is going to be weird and stiff like on school picture day. Please take a look at the testimonials from other seniors. I have spent so much time learning how to make the human form look amazing through a camera. Standing straight on to the camera is boring and unflattering. I’m not trying to take ho-hum photos. We are going to make art together! When you trust me, our photo session will be like hanging out with your bestie taking pictures on your phone. Except our photos will go to the next level. Once you send an inquiry I will send you my senior guide to help you know what to wear and how to prepare for your session and show up excited, ready to slay.

Meet Bekah

I was so excited to take my senior photos with DeAnn. We talked about locations until we found the perfect place for me. I was really unsure of what to wear, so I ran a bunch of different outfits by DeAnn and she helped me put two outfits together plus she helped me find the most amazing dress that was perfect for my photos! When we were taking photos she helped me feel natural. I was super comfortable talking to her and opening up about my life. She helped me feel so beautiful and the poses she had me do were gorgeous! She is talented! I got my photos quickly and was amazed with the results. The photos were stunning and really helped me define who I am as an individual. It was really the perfect session and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to have the most amazing photos taken with DeAnn!


I had a great time taking pictures! It was really chill and laid back and we still got everything done in a good time. She is very open to suggestions on different things that you would like to do. She is very good at working with you during shoots. Above all the pictures came out pretty cool.

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