In-person mentorships with DeAnn

What is taught is designed around the desires of the student. I am totally open to teaching whatever your heart desires to learn. 

The mentorships are empowering

Here are some ideas of what they can cover…

How to shoot in manual mode with your current gear, looking for and using different types of light, start to finish editing and workflow, finding your photographic voice/niche, how to create unique storytelling sessions, documenting your loved ones with a creative flare, how to balance or tilt it all and still be happy and carry on meaningful relationships, how to get refreshed and inspired when in a slump, empowering yourself not comparing yourself to others, scouting locations to shoot, posing, etc, etc, the list is really endless after all isn’t it?!

INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF: $450 for a 3 hour specifically designed course and then $150 per hour after that. You need more than an hour mentor session to make big progress.

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